Garage Door Spring Repair/Replacement Alpharetta, Georgia

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Garage doors are contraptions that you use multiple times a day and without which, your vehicles may not be safe from damages. A garage door is composed of several parts, each with a unique role and a limited life span. Some of the more crucial of these parts are cables, opener, panels, pulleys and springs.

The garage door springs in particular are known to give their owners all sorts of trouble. They are an extremely delicate part of the garage door system that support a bracket of other parts including like the cables, panels or pulleys. Garage door springs are that part of the door that is responsible for maintaining an ideal counterbalance essentially by lifting the weight of the entire door, which, typically is around the 150 lbs mark. Naturally, if a garage door spring snaps, a lot could go wrong.

Garage door springs have a limited life of about 10,000 cycles, or in the case of extremely good quality springs, about 20,000 cycles. If a garage door spring ever snaps, it will not just render the garage door temporarily or possibly, permanently useless, but any one present on the scene may get seriously injured as well. Not to mention, you’d be left with an unnecessarily expensive repair bill. The good part is that timely repair can help avoid this. At Garage Door Repair, Alpharetta we offer efficient and affordable garage door spring repair services.

When do you Require Spring Repair Services?

If you notice any of the signs mentioned below, it is time to get the garage door springs repaired.

  • The door is not balancing properly
  • The door closed loosely
  • The garage door does not open or close at all
  • The garage door operates with an unpleasant sound
  • The door closes with notably increased friction
  • The spring look visibly rusted/worn out
  • The springs are all shaky and look like they’re on the verge of snapping

Of course, like we mentioned, springs, typically last about 10,000 cycles, so, if you start doubting you may be fast approaching that number, you need to start looking into replacement options right away.

Why us?

As opposed to the majority of garage door companies in Georgia and across the country, we exclusively employ technicians and repairmen who are firstly, trained to treat your garage door and secondly, to conduct themselves professionally and take care of the little things that count such as not leaving a mess before leaving, calling you before showing up, listening to you, taking your personal inputs into account before or during work and so on. Being a family owned and operated business, we understand that you have a limited budget and every penny spent on unforeseen expenditures such as repairs is a bitter pill to swallow. We have not just priced our services nominally but strive to provide you quality services by taking care of all the necessary details when you hire us. We pay special attention to our code of conduct and your full satisfaction.

While many people may advise you to repair the garage door spring on your own by using DIY techniques, it is important to take the help of professionals to avoid any accidents. Moreover if you attempt to fix your garage door springs or any other garage door part for that matter, you or any of your family members may get injured. Unless you’re professionally trained to handle such things, you most likely may not be qualified to do justifiable job like professionals. That in turn, may cause the springs to cause serious issues at a later stage.

  • We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • We have special discounts all year round
  • We respond within a 3 hour window
  • We don’t charge anything extra for our services on weekends and holidays

Expertise in Spring Replacement/Repair

We’d also like to point out that we are experts of what is considered as one of the trickiest tasks with garage door springs which consists of the torsion spring replacement.  Our garage door torsion spring costs is also quite nominal. We are counted among the most trusted garage door repair service providers in Alpharetta, Georgia to fix broken torsion springs, broken extension springs. Our professionals will thoroughly inspect the door and if required replace the springs for its smooth functioning. If you manage to identity mal-functioning garage door springs we advise you to call us right away as otherwise, the damage may slowly start to spread to other parts of the garage and in the worst cases, could even reach a stage where it may not be possible to repair the springs. If you call us, our professionals will assess the situation and come up with a suitable solution and if required replace or repair your garage door springs.

Contact Us for Efficient Services

The final message we want to convey to you is that we hold customer satisfaction in the highest of regards. Take a look at our customer care policies. We do not book appointments on our terms, we book them on yours. Give us a call or email us any time of the day and we’ll respond back, right away if you need any kind of services for your garage door. Browse the other pages on our website to learn more about our other services; garage door installation, inspection, maintenance, replacement, spare parts. You can also check out the special offers in the special offers section on this website.

Note: We DO NOT sell garage door parts. We provide industry leading service and repair work with the highest quality products available in the market. This is also why we provide 30 day labor warranties and LIFETIME warranties on most everything we provide to our customers. We do not recommend that homeowners perform garage door repair work on their own as it can, and has, caused serious injury and death.

Part No.Description
ES000580 lbs Gold Extension Spring
ES001090 lbs light Blue Extension Spring
ES0015100 lbs tan Extension Spring
ES0020110 lbs white Extension Spring
ES0025120 lbs Green Extension Spring
ES0030130 lbs Yellow Extension Spring
ES0035140 lbs Dk Blue Extension Spring
ES0040150 lbs Red Extension Spring
ES00503inch Pulley / Sheave
ES00554inch Pulley / Sheave
DS0005E-900 One Piece Kit
DS0010P328 One Piece Door Spring
DS0015P528 One Piece Door Spring
DS0020P728 One Piece Door Spring
DS0025P928 One Piece Door Spring
TS0005192x2x20 Orange/Red Torsion Spring
TS0010192x2x20 Orange/Black Torsion Spring
TS0015207x2x24 Yellow/Red Torsion Spring
TS0020207x2x24 Yellow/Black Torsion Spring
TS0025218x2x24.5 White/Red Torsion Spring
TS0030218x2x24.5 White/Black Torsion Spring
TS0035225x2x27 Red/Red Torsion Spring
TS0040225x2x24.5 Red/Black Torsion Spring
TS0045234x2x27.75 Brown/Red Torsion Spring
TS0050234x2x27.75 Brown/Black Torsion Spring
TS0055243x2x30.5 Green/Red Torsion Spring
TS0060243x2x30.5 Green/Black Torsion Spring
TS0065250x2x32 Gold/Red Torsion Spring
TS0070250x2x32 Gold/Black Torsion Spring
TS0075262x2x35.5 Blue/Red Torsion Spring
TS0080262x2x35.5 Blue/Black Torsion Spring
TS0085273x2x35.5 Orange/Red Torsion Spring
TS0090273x2x35.25 Orange/Black Torsion Spring
TS0105192x2x20 Orange/Red Torsion Spring
TS0110192x2x20 Orange/Black Torsion Spring
TS0185273x2x35.5 Orange/Red Torsion Spring NO5
TS0190273x2x35.25 Orange/Black Torsion Spring NO5
TS0095283x2x38 LT Blue/Red Torsion Spring
TS0100283x2x38 LT Blue/Black Torsion Spring